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Our service begins with the first seeking - meetings in the office or at the site, a phone call or a letter - and accompanies you until all the work.

Each site is unique both in terms of volume of work and the complexity of the tasks to put the customer ahead. At the same time, quality of work must always remain at the highest level. In the first place, this is due to the security of the personnel who will use the construction scaffolding.
Anyone who wants to build economically, should think one step ahead. Prudent foresight in the planning and calculation based on the experience of previous service facilities.

Erection of scaffolding is challenging. Therefore, in these works is particularly important precise analysis and accurate planning phases of the assignment.

The company Gerüst oü presents itself as a service team for the design and installation of all types of scaffolding. Our skilled engineers offer their expertise to erect scaffolding to help our clients find the most effective solution to their production goals.
This can be achieved by selecting the appropriate (for the site works) type of scaffolding design for optimum efficiency scheme of forests and calculating its static loads, as well as through the development of an optimal schedule of the works.
Products plettac can offer several options to address the problems which come from our customers. Where it is not possible to use a standard solution, we offer special design, and together with the customer find the optimal solution.


High production Gerüst oü standard is not only timely and efficient logistics services, but above all quality and safety erection designs. To this end, at the company was making every effort to comply with the requirements of rules and regulations on safety.

A variety of requirements by erecting scaffolds is the difference themselves: from the simple facade schemes until hinged structures or building complex structures for such extremely difficult objects.

Wherever there is erection scaffolds, there are always special requirements for the qualification of installers and improve both the elements of scaffolds and methodology erection of structures scaffolds.

Construction scaffolding on the "flat" walls of up to 30 metres has not been too difficult for "beginners" installers. By contrast, the construction of forest 70-90 metres height or structure, which is being built without normal attachment to the surface of an object, is a technical challenge.
Individual solutions scaffolding on the walls, religious or industrial sites as individualistic, as the facilities.


Assembling unconventional designs scaffolds requires high precision design and execution. Such tasks can be tackled only with skilled professionals with many years' experience works. The availability of such professionals in Plettak distinguishes us from other campaigns, providing services in the field of scaffolding.

Here are a few examples of such innovative approaches in dealing with the complex production assignments:
  • installation of overhead construction scaffolds at altitudes of more than 40 m to install stained-glass windows on the upper floors of high-rise buildings
  • installation of an area of several thousand square meters of Whipple elements (at any height) because they were not able to plant scaffolds directly in the ground

Further details on these objects you will see on the page.


An important factor for us to speed customer service is the availability of the required quantity of material in the warehouse and the possibility of timely shipment. Even at peak periods, we can within 24h after an order to ship from warehouses the requisite number of scaffolds.
Our trained staff is always ready to provide the required services to professional advice and ensure prompt delivery.

Apart from the facade, modular and mobile scaffolds in our stores are all necessary for the installation of equipment: pipe coupling elements, pipes, console, brackets, offsetting reasons, safety nets and tent, other supplies and devices.


As mentioned above, each object is virtually a new project that requires an individual approach to implement it: discussion of all the details of the assignment, the design and calculation of the arrangement, agree to a schedule of works to erect and dismantle scaffolding, the conditions of service for the duration of its operation and possibly other nuances that may affect the cost and the timing of orders.