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Plettac SL70/SL100 and assco quadro 70/100

The main advantages of scaffolding plettac SL and assco quadro:
  • reliable and safe operation
  • steel bearing elements hot galvanising
  • Speed assembling: 70-100 m per shift at 1 assambly worker
  • Best adapted for architectural forms
  • long life
With its high flexibility in the construction of various structures, scaffolds plettac SL70/SL100 performance of the large-and private construction, and repair and in various industries.
Scaffold plettac SL and assco quadro are used in the restoration of historic monuments, palaces, religious buildings and monuments. Thanks to excellent static characteristics of scaffold plettac SL and assco quadro you will be able to construct a height of up to 200 metres in compliance with the standards and requirements for safety and security of international standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

The combination of speed, ease and convenience of operation, efficiency, reliability and versatility makes the combined scaffold plettac SL70/SL100 one of the most efficient systems.

Description of the major elements of scaffolding plettac SL and assco quadro

Optimal design frames
Rounds closed profiles are used in construction scaffolding SL70/SL100 have the best statics with low weight. Compared with open profiles other producers, frame scaffolding SL70/SL100 less prone to distortion and do not accumulate balances solution, dirt and other debris. Rama four dimensions in height - 200, 150, 100 and 50 cm - helps compensate for the uneven ground floors of the building and the difference in height.


Built bracket of deck plettac scaffolding decking have no protruding parts. The integrated decking attachment substantially reduces the risk of damage. Transporting the units is easier and less space is required in store.
Advantage of end bolt decking fixing the attachment system produces quick erection times and securely fixed decking. The decking fits perfectly on the vertical frame and bolts. The positive connection restrains the decking against slipping and sliding around, whilst at the same time it provides horizontal stiffening to the scaffld - allowing the use of a staggered anchorage arrangement.

Larger useable decking widths
DIN 4420 requires a minimum decking width of 600 or 900 mm (for scaffolding groups 1 to 3 or 4 to 6 respectively). Larger useable working widths offer safety benefits and allow for more economic programming of the work. The SL70 system has a useable width of 650 mm and the SL100 makes 980 mm available - approximately 10% more than the minimum required.

Functional versatility
if you want to deal with all your various scaffolding projects economically, you also need as range of decking as possible. The plettac SL70/100 can offer you deccking in various materials - timber, aluminium, steel and combinations of materials. Using the seven incremental bay lengths (400, 300, 250, 150, 110, 70 sm) you can produce a scaffold to fit all plan shapes and keep the scaffold area the minimum necessary. The modular width of the interchangeable decking units is 32 sm (two required for each SL70 bay and three for the SL100). A 65 sm wide unit is available for the SL70 should you so required. For corners we can offer 70 and 110 sm modular widths.

Safe load transfer
The dead and vertical applied loads are transmitted directly into the vertical frames by the decking header piece - an additional safety advantage.

Independent verticality adjustment
The consistent structurally ideally positioned joinsts for attaching the diagonals automatically bring the SL70/100 scaffolds into plumb. Time is saved each plettac SL70/100 scaffold added. The automatic verticality adjustment means you only have to do it once. Further scaffolds are plumbed automatically.

The retention of forests plettac to step 8 m


  • L - length of the passage (3, 2,50, 2, 1,5 m)
  • - bracket long distance pipe
  • - bracket long distance pipe

Strengthening the diagonals
Diagonals set consistently, but not more than 5 overflights or in the form of towers every 5 spans.

1) Size on the inside edges of forests.
2) Additional diagonally needed only at the length of the passage of 3 metres every 5 spans.
3) These anchorages installed only with open facade. In this case, a wooden or steel decks.