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Scaffolding plettac contur and assco futuro With only three main elements of scaffolding plettac contur is efficient and cost-effective construction at the sites of their most complex configurations.
Quickly builtand reliable system "wedge-assembly disc" with the possibility of acceding to 8 elements in the range of 360 degrees, make it very economical to mount forests exactly duplicate configuration buildings. The length and width of overflights, as well as height can be chosen individually storeys, depending on the specific circumstances.

The advantages of modular scaffolding plettac:
  • reliable and safe operation
  • caring for historical and cultural monuments
  • significant time savings in the installation of complex objects
  • can be erected at the most complex forms
  • the application in a wide variety of fields
  • long life scaffolding
Application moulnyh scaffolding plettac:
  • construction of residential and commercial buildings
  • caring for historical and cultural monuments
  • industrial building
  • Industrial production facilities : boilers, tanks, pipelines
  • mining, metallurgy, gas and oil industry
  • aircraft and boatbuilding
  • repair and protection against corrosion, such as bridges

Thanks to excellent static characteristics of scaffolding plettac contur you can to construct a height of more than 100 metres from compliance with the standards and requirements for safety and security of international standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

Description of the major elements of modular scaffolding

Eight holes - but no handicap:
  • up to eight connections per joint;
  • option to attach horizontals at right angles with high accuracy at the required level;
  • free choice of angles between horizntals by using large or small connection gaps;
  • load transfer aligned to axes with positive connections;
  • the flat shape of the connection plate means no mortar, dirt, ice, grit blasting debris etc. can accumulate;
  • high joint load capacity and atiffness;
  • can be adapted to suit any plan shape and form of construction by using the variable connection options, the chjice of spans available and freely selectable scaffold height increments of 50 sm.

Right angles - if you want them

The use of small connection gaps for connecting the gorizontals allows a 90? angle to be created between them - assential for certain users. The larger gaps allow angles between 30? and 60?. These options allow practically any angle to be set and shape form of construction to be scaffolded.

Increase in bending moment and shear strengths

Using FEM analysis, the height of the connection heads as well as the shape and wall thicknesses were optimised to produce higher reserves of safety. The resultant higher load capacity pays off particularly for scaffolds used under demanding conditions.

More mathematics for less weight

The use of finite element methods (FEM)on a three-dimensional model allows material shapes and thicknesses to be optimised to meet the required applied loads. This produced the sinusoidal shape and weight saving of 10%. This is associated with clear in use, joint stiffness and storage space requirements.

Functional versatility

To deal with diverse scaffolding projects economically, you will need a wide range of decking.
plettac contur fasade scaffolding has the right type of decking available foe every job. Tough timber decking, or lightweight aluminium decking - all can bee used in construction and in industry, with the further option of hollow aluminium extrusion decks for light combined with strength.

Simpl storage

As well as the advantages during assembly and its high reserves of safety, the new shape of the socket plates on plettac contur modular scaffold also has storage benefits. The stacked volume of the standards ia about 5% smaller and the higher resistence to rolling makes storage more secure.

Certified safety

Outstanding quality characterises the connection system for the plettac contur modular scaffol. The plettac contur socket plates are manufactured from high quality precision stamped components and the connecting heads are precision cast components. Quality control is to the high requirements of DIN ISO 9001 during production and permanent in house inspection and third party supervision guarantees the user the correct certified connection and load carrying of safety can be taken for granted by plettac assco customers.