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Accessories scaffolding

So that you can technically sound and economical way to manage the maintenance scaffolding, we offer a wide range of support elements (accessories) for a wide range of queries. The reliability and efficiency of steel pipe scaffolding dependent on the quality of the connecting elements. We offer connectors for pipes of different diameters. In addition, we offer a wide range of useful accessories that scaffolding plettac can be used more efficiently and with greater security.

Our quality accessories can be used for the whole range of scaffolding. With its high strength, accessories plettac suited to normal attachment to the assembly forests for mixed construction scaffolding and construction complex form.

The high quality and long life-characteristics supplies to forests plettac. This is achieved by using high-quality materials, precision manufacturing and excellent quality of their connections, which guarantees high margins, even during extended periods plettac supplies.

To achieve long-term service and the best protection against corrosion, steel elements coats are hot dipping method.

Connecting pipes (couplers) for elements of all types of scaffolding

normal coupler - connect at right angles swivel coupler - compound under arbitrary angle
tension coupler - only in connection with tube connecting spigot gravity pin coupler - enables the assembly of SL guard rails
wedge connection coupler, fixed - used to connect scaffold tubes to the contur system wedge connection coupler, turnable - used to connect scaffold tubes to the contur system

Farms and beams

Farms and beams for the floors tears on the front. Farms can override tears in constructions scaffolding up to 750 cm. Through cross-ties to the farm can be installed flooring for passage through an opening.

Farms elevated pressures up to 700 cm are similar to normal balochnoy farm, but greater heights.
These farms, enhanced diagonals, form the basis for the modular roof plettac that provide comfortable working conditions for the roof of the building, regardless of weather conditions.

Brackets and consoles

Brackets can extend the breadth of scaffolding. For scaffolding SL70 is possible to increase the working surface twice. Brackets plettac can be equipped with props fences, which is fixed platforms.
Console for niches used when the size niches do not coincide with modular step scaffolding (length deck). Console for niches can be installed anywhere sections of scaffolding plettac, regardless of the location of the vertical frame.


Scaffolding plettac equipped with decks from a variety of materials: wood, aluminium, steel and combined materials.
Install decks scaffolding plettac. Our decks easily installed on nagging finger vertical frame. This compound prevents slippage or movement decks. Compared with other producers false decks, overhead walls plettac offer greater security.
Useful scaffolding plettac. The scaffolding plettac SL70 boardwalk width of 650 mm and a plettac SL100 - 980 mm, an increase of about 10% over the minimum requirements. Thus, provides reserve security if pressure on forests unexpectedly exceed permissible norm.

Deck aluminium with folding hatch and ladder provides convenient movement of people and materials between the layers inside of scaffolding.

Base jacks

Feet of scaffolding plettac ensured by the base jacks with trapezoidal thread. Coverage has hot-dip zinc. A special holes in the plate enables a controlled castors.

Steering castor and rolling beam

The diameter of 200 mm, load 450-750 kg with a surface of plastic or elastic material for sensitive flooring. They are equipped with screws to compensate for irregularities ground.
The diameter of 200 mm, load 1000 kg. All castors for scaffolds plettac are equipped with brake and centering the weight of the foot lever.

If necessary, frequent and rapid job offer to use outdoors scaffolds plettac SL70/SL100 in mobile performance. This requires only have elements such as roling beam and castors. Thus, small standard design scaffolds plettac SL70/SL100 easily converted to mobile.

Protective nets and canvas for scaffolding

Protecting adjacent to the construction area and passers-by, protected from the weather by the use of nets and canvas serve an important ecological role. Our strong, steady breakpoints nets and tents for the scaffolding of a high quality material quickly assembled and have high static characteristics